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Chemicals & Waste

There is a huge demand and consumption of chemicals in laboratories and workshops of the University of Hong Kong and as a result large quantities of chemical waste are also produced.

These activities are subject to the Dangerous Goods Ordinance and Water Pollution Control Ordinance and Chemical Waste regulations.

To comply with the legal requirements and to reduce the risks from chemicals to members of the University, the Safety Office operates a Dangerous Goods Service. This service consists of a team managed by the Dangerous Goods Manager and their duties are to:

  • for print out manage the supply, storage and delivery of hazardous chemicals.
  • for print out manage the supply, storage and delivery of liquid nitrogen.
  • for print out manage the central Dangerous Goods Stores and Dangerous Goods vehicle.
  • for print out collect, store and dispose of hazardous chemical wastes.
  • for print out supply printed labels for hazardous chemicals.
  • for print out disseminate chemical safety information.
  • for print out advise and assist in event of a chemical emergency.
  • for print out monitor and approve the application and use of pesticides.
  • for print out supply and install chemical spillage response kits.

In addition due to the experience gained in managing chemical waste the DG team also:

  • for print out co-ordinate the collection and disposal of clinical waste.

The Dangerous Goods Manager also acts as the Chemical Safety Adviser and has produced the following sections in the Safety Manual for adoption by departments:

You can contact the Dangerous Goods Manager, Mr. Peter Yeung on 28592402 or by email at

Chemicals & Waste Chemicals & Waste
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