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Construction Safety

Construction, renovation and maintenance works on campus and in University buildings takes place all the time and these works range from small projects employing a few workers to large scale projects employing hundreds of workers.

This type of work is identified as being high risk. Precautions and planning need to be considered in detail to ensure the contractors are not harmed either by the materials and substances that they may come across on campus or by their own activities. Equally the contractors' activities should not jeopardize the health and safety of members of the University Community.

The University has recognized this special area of concern and has, accordingly, appointed a Construction Safety Officer working for the Safety Office but who works hand in hand with staff of the Estates Office.

The role of the Construction Safety Officer is:

  • for print out To develop a safety management system for the operation and activities of the Estates Office in line with the Safety Management Regulations requirements.
  • for print out To develop and implement safety management system programmes for the staff at worker, technical, supervisory and management level of the Estates Office.
  • for print out To review job process of the technical staff or workers and subcontractors to develop work safety procedures, safety rules, code of safe practice, method statements for safe operations etc.
  • for print out To devise plans and establish procedures on the safety management of the contractors of the Estates Office.
  • To carry out routine safety inspections on the work sites of the contractors and staff of the Estates Office and to make report with recommendations on improvement.
  • for print out To investigate accidents, untoward incidents and dangerous occurrences that happen in work sites of the contractors or to the Estates Office staff.
  • for print out To compile returns, reports and statistics for monitoring the safety performance of the Estates Office and the contractors.

For detailed information on Construction Safety, please check out the Construction Safety section of the Safety Manual.

You can contact the Construction Safety Officer, Mr. Edward Kwok at 22415072 or email him on

Construction Construction
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