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All university buildings are provided with fire service installations (FSIs) including fire warning systems (i.e. fire alarms and flashing lights), fire detection systems (smoke and heat detectors) and fire extinguishing systems (gas flooding systems), fire hydrant and hose reel systems and fire extinguishers, etc.

All these FSIs need regular maintenance and testing.

HKU has historically allocated the responsibility for the upkeep of FSIs to the Safety Office which has a team dedicated to ensure they are in good serviceable order and will be operational whenever they are called upon for use.

Whilst the maintenance role takes up most of the Fire Team's time the intimate knowledge gained by this Team in the systems at HKU and of the buildings, enable the Team members to use their experience and knowledge to provide a fire safety programme which includes:

  • for print out Fire talks and fire extinguisher demonstrations to students, staff and fire wardens.
  • for print out Fire drills to rehearse action required in case of fire and emergency.
  • for print out Examine and comment at the design stage the proposed FSIs of both renovation work and new developments.
  • for print out Fire safety inspections and identification of fire hazards which may otherwise have been over-looked or ignored. Conducting risk assessment of high fire risk processes and activities.
  • for print out Render assistance to the Fire Services Department in the event of fire alarm and/or emergency.
  • for print out Advising on evacuating procedures & assembly points, fire alarm arrangements and the action to be taken in the event of a fire.
  • for print out Ensuring the integrity of the fire alarm system by eliminating avoidable false alarms through managing and controlling work activities which potentially will trigger the detectors.

For detailed information on Fire, please check out the Fire section of the Safety Manual.

The team is headed by the Fire Safety Manager, Mr K.P. Li who can be contacted on 28592400 or by email at

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