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Radioactive isotopes and radiation producing equipment are used in science, engineering, dental and the medical faculties.

Work with such substances and equipment comes under close scrutiny by the HKSAR Radiation Board (Department of Health) and licences are required to be renewed annually to enable users to continue with work where they may be exposed to ionizing radiation.

The University have appointed a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) who provides expert advice to users and potential users and also who runs a biannual practical training course for users of radioactive materials to ensure they are competent to handle such materials once back in their department.

The RPO is supported by the Radiation Protection Unit whose duties are:

To ensure the safe use of radioactive substances and irradiating apparatus according to the licences issued under the Radiation Ordinance.

To provide University-wide radiation protection service which includes:

  • for print out personal surveillance.
  • for print out inspection and laboratory contamination monitoring.
  • for print out radioactive substances transportation.
  • for print out radioactive waste collection and treatment.
  • for print out approval of purchase of radioactive substances and irradiating apparatus.
  • for print out approval and designation of radiation workers/users.
  • for print out approval and designation of radioisotope laboratories.
  • for print out advice on use of radioactive substances.
  • for print out advice on the design of controlled/supervised areas.
  • for print out leak testing of sealed radioactive sources.
  • for print out functional testing of radiation monitors.
  • for print out conducting a biannual Radiation Protection Course.
  • for print out assistance and advice on radiation emergencies.

For detailed information on University Policy, responsibilities and guidelines please check out the Radiation Safety section of the Safety Manual.

The Radiation Protection Officer is Dr Forest Lin who can be contacted at 2241 5471 or email

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