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Departmental Safety Representatives

Each department should appoint at least one safety representative whose responsibilities are to assist the Heads in fulfilling their safety responsibilities and can include:


  • informing the Head of Department and the Director of Safety of any special hazards in, or new hazards about to be introduced into, the department/unit;

  • ensuring that new members of the department, including students, are informed of the University's health and safety policy, as well as departmental safety and health policy,

  • identifying training needs and conducting activities to stimulate and maintain interest in safety and health amongst personnel in the department;

  • ensuring that means exist for all machinery and equipment to be maintained and used in a safe condition;

  • ensuring with the assistance of the Director of Safety that first aid, personal protective equipment and safety facilities are provided and properly maintained;

  • consulting with the Director of Safety, to promote, plan, and direct a regular programme of safety inspections, and participating in such inspections;

  • ensuring that accidents are reported promptly in accordance with University procedures and reporting any case of non-compliance to the Head;

  • maintaining liaison with the Director of Safety and the Director of University Health Service; and

  • investigating accidents and incidents and recommending accident prevention measures to the Head as and when necessary.

Departmental Safety Representative Conference

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