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Departmental Safety Representative Conference

Links to the presentations of the confernece can be found here: 

Departmental Safety Representative Conference 2010

Two examples of good practice were presentations given by Mr Dickson Lau of the Laboratory Animal Unit and by Ms Esther Woo from the Library at the Departmental Safety Representatives (DSR's) workshop on the 4th of March 2010.

  1. Clearly defined areas of responsibility are extremely helpful. DSR's were appointed for functional areas.

  2. Identify the hazards and institute the appropriate controls. What was interesting here was the variety of hazards in both work settings; some were common issues but others were quite unique.

  3. Feedback and communication is important. We can all learn from staff "on the front line".

  4. The importance of training.

The presentations highlight the safety management system adopted in their respective departments and illustrate the importance of a well organised, systematic, proactive management scheme. A number of common themes emerged from these talks:-

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