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“Health and Safety does not happen by accident: it has to be managed.”

Health and Safety is about:

  1. Preventing real people from getting really hurt

  2. Sensible controls for real risks

  3. Enabling, not hindering research

You are invited to join the General Safety Training specifically tailored for our professoriate, academics and researchers.


In this workshop, the Safety Office will share some fundamental perspectives on safety regulations in Universities and essential safety management tips for academics and researchers.

Who is encouraged to attend?

Professoriate, Academics and Researchers who are:

Principal Investigators or personnel taking up management or leadership positions with safety oversight

New to Hong Kong and/or the University context

Experienced and would like a refresher

Who is encouraged to attend?

Risk and risks in universities

Basic safety law in Hong Kong / HKU context

HKU safety policy and safety responsibility

Tips on effective approaches to safety management

Tips on effective approaches to safety management

Workshop Details

Date: 14 Sep 2023 (Thursday)

Time: 3:00PM - 4:30PM

Virtual Location: Zoom

We look forward to seeing you there!

Supported by HKU Human Resources Office (Talent & Organization Development)

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