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Location of
Automated External Defibrillation Devices (AED)

Main Campus         Sassoon Road         Other Campus
L/G Lift Lobby
(wall Next to Switch Room)
20 Run Run Shaw tower a.jpeg
L/G Lift Lobby
(Under Fire Alarm)
A haking wong c.jpeg
4/F Lift Lobby -
Opposite Life 5 & 6
19 jockey c.jpeg
L/G Lift Lobby
(Wall at end)
5 kk leung c.jpeg
G/F Lift Lobby
(Wall next to Hose Reel)
54 kaddoorie c.jpeg
Podium Floor -
Next to Recycle Bin
B run building a.jpeg
G/F Lobby -
Next to Podium Notice Board outside Rayson Huang Theatre
46 meng wah 1F c.jpeg
1/F Life Lobby
57 Chong  amenities c.jpeg
2/F -
Outside Chong Yuet Ming Amerities Centre General Office
18 knowles c.jpeg
G/F Lift Lobby
(Wall next to Hose Reel)
49 chong c.jpeg
Wall Opposite LG1 Male Toilet
56 main building b.jpeg
1/F Lobby -
Wall Outside Room 167
52 tt c.jpeg
3/F Lobby
6 chow yei ching.jpg
G/F Lift Lobby
(Outside classroom A)
33 Hui Oi Chow b.jpeg
G/F Lift Lobby
11 library c.jpeg
(Wall Next to Entry Gate)
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