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Request a Service

To request one of our services you can download, complete and submit a form by e-mail or if you prefer, print out, complete and then return a hard copy to the Safety Office. We have provided action buttons to help you quickly request a service from the team in safety office who can handle your request. If the service you require is not listed here, please contact safety office on 3917 2400 or email

  • Biological Risk Assessment Forms:

    • RA1 (for general work with Pathogens)

    • RA3 (for work with Lentivirus-derived vectors and other Retroviruses)

    • RA4 (for work with Adenovirus)

    • RA5 (for work with Poxviruses)

    • GMRA (for work with AAV)

    • GMRA (for general GM risk assessment)

    • Clinical (for work with clinical samples)​

Services provided by Chemical Safety/Dangerous Goods Team

Services Provided by Construction Safety Team

Fire Safety (Please contact Estates Office for further assistance)

  • Change of Fire Wardens in HKU

  • Report on Fire/Fire Drill or Emergency Evacuation

  • Report on Fire Alarm

  • Service Request Form​

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