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A Guide to Safety Declaration
for Research Higher Degrees

The University's Safety, Health and Environment Committee is of the view that all research projects involving hazardous materials or equipment should be covered by some form of safety approval or safety declaration.

Some projects of Research higher degrees can involve the use of these hazards. Serious accidents involving research students working in university laboratories around the world in recent years serve to demonstrate that this area can be easily overlooked by both the research students and their supervisors.  In order to help the University to cover this area also, a system of Safety Declaration for Research Higher Degrees has been put in place. The system aims to help both the research student and his/her supervisor to systematically look at the risks involved in their project and take proactive steps to control the risks. It also helps the University as a responsible organization to discharge its duty of care for its employees and students. The system requires a research student and his/her supervisor to assess the risks of their project, take the necessary safety precautions and make a Safety Declaration on a specified form as an official record.

The following steps should be followed:



As a mechanism of helping the University to monitor whether Research Students are observing this safety requirement, staff of the Safety Office may ask to see the Declaration Forms during their safety inspection programmes.

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