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Introduction to Biosafety

Work with pathogens, clinical samples and naturally occurring or recombinant biological materials are an integral and essential part of research and development at Hong Kong University (HKU). We take great care to ensure that all procedures carried out in the university are conducted in such a way as to protect human health and the environment. This safe working with biological agents is often termed biosafety.

Our biosafety policy gives broad guidance for managing risk to human health or the environment resulting from activities involving biological agents. It applies to the use of all types of biological agents, including recombinant organisms, and covers the generation, transport, inactivation and safe disposal of any potentially infectious material. A set of more detailed guidance notes on specific issues are also available. These university standards are based on internationally established practice and compliance with them is verified through regular biosafety audits on all departments conducting biological activities.

The biosafety committee oversees the safe use of biological agents in the university. It is a sub-committee of the main university safety, health and environment committee and is comprised of a number of experts in relevant fields of work. Details of the approved terms of reference, composition and mode of action can be found here.



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